12 Top Mithila Festivals !


Mithila has been a land of religious people.There are many temples in the region , some of which , are very ancient.The belief in god owes its connection with the festivals and customs that are practiced in Mithila.

There are some festivals which are ‘typical’ of this region.Some of these festivals have become almost ‘extinct’ because people ,perhaps, found it difficult to go along with them due to their changed lifestyle.

The Festivals of Mithila

Festivals of Mithila

1 Sapta Dora

This festival is the prayer of planet Saturn for the welfare of the family. Story of legendry king Nal and pricess Damyanti is recited among the fast observers.It is now less practiced in mithila towns but have some takers in villages.

2 Judi Sital

This festival remarks the arrival of summer season.It is somewhat similar to baisakhi of punjab.On this occasion in mithila people consume badi – bhaat prepared a day before. In this maithil festival people donate earthen pitcher containing water to maithil brahmins.

3 Akshay-Tritiya

This festival of mithila is celebrated on the occasion of birthday of rishi vyas (he wrote the hindu epic – Mahabharata , ved & Upanishads).The festival is widely celebrated among the saint communiy of mithila.

4 Nag-Panchami

This is the festival of snake god.On this day in mithila , people offer the snakes  milk and rice corn as a sign of devotion. People also tie on their wrist  a kind of  now extinct root – “Isargat”  which they believe , can save them , from snake bites.

5 Chauth-Chandra

This festival of mithila is a worship of the moon god for the welfare of family.People prepare dishes like poori and pedokia  and consume them after the puja in the evening.

In 2016 Chauth Chandra is celebrated on Sep 4 – Read 

6 Anant – Puja

This festival of Mithila is a worship of god Anant.People tie sacred Anant knot around the upper portion of hand.

7 Indra-Puja

In this maithil festival people worship the king of gods , the Indra .The festival was largely celebrated in noble community like kings and landlords of mithila.The king of darbhanga also made a house Indra-Bhawan (in Raj playground) for the purpose.

8 Jitiya

Women folk of mithila observe a fast on this festival.Through this difficult fast they wish for the long life of their children.

9 Bhratri-Dwitiya

This is a festival of brother and sister in mithila.Brother visits his sisters house and take blessings from her.The sister observes a fast untill brother’s arrival , she also prepared food for her brother.

10 Sama-Chakeva

This is again a festival of brother and sister in mithila.It is celebrated in the month of kartik immediately after chhath festival.

11 Devothan

This vrat of mithila is a worship of lord vishnu. People practice this festival to wake up the god who is already sleeping from four months.

12 Navan

This is festival of the fire god in mithila.People offer newly cultivated rice ,curd and gur to the god.This is a kind of gratitude to the god for the bumper crop.


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