The story of 6 Lost forts in Madhubani


Forts in Madhubani

Madhubani a part of ancient Mithila region has many places which are very important in terms of history.These places need a thorough archeological study to uncover the details from the darkness of time.Check out these 6 very important forts which is believed to be present in the district of Madhubani.

1 Baliraj Garh

Baliraj Garh is situated in village Baliraj Garh Pargana Habdi in Babu barhi Block.It is said that this Garh aka fort was constructed by King Bali – an ancient ruler of Tirhut.The Area of this Garh is around 3 Suqare Kilometres The SDO of Madhubani Mr.George Abraham Grierson got this place partially dug and found some signs of ancient structure there.Now this place is protected under the Archeological Survey of India.

2 Khawaja Dih

At the time of Sikandar Lodhi (1517AD),Tirhut an another old name of Mithila , was under the sway of Malik Sarvar.Khawaja Sara who was the governor of the place.He had got the title of Khawaja Dih heyali from the sultan of Delhi but he declared himself  independent ruler and established his own empire and took the title Alreeq.The Area of Tirhut was under him.Madhubani was a part of the region. He established a fort named Khwaja Dih,which is situated 15 KM distance from Jainagar.At present time it is called Khwajedih by the people.

3 Jainagar Fort

The king of Bengal Allauddin Hussain Shah established a Fort in Jai Nagar(1493-1518-1533).It is one of the several forts that he had constructed from Kamroop (Assam) to Bettia (Tirhut) to check the incursions of the hill tribes of Nepal..The Garh is not traceable now but it was situated in the south of the present town,which is called Idgah Mohalla near petrol pump on PWD road Jainagar-Darbhanga.

4 Garh Pariharpur

There is one old Fort in a village named Pariharpur in Rajnagar circle.It is situated in Pargana and village Pariharpur Zabt.It is said that the Garh was constructed by a king Kherg Narayan Kumar.There was one large tank about 15 acres near the Garh which was connected underground with the Garh and was used for bathing.Now the trace of the tank is not available as Kamla river silted the tank,and the land has been settled with resident of the village by the Raj Darbhanga and the State Goverment.

5 Asur Garh

Asur Garh, is a ruined Fort and one of the most interesting antiquities in Madhubani district.It is 10 to 15 KM from Jhanjharpur.The place now is known Garh Gaon.The fort area in the past had occupied about 60 acres of land.River Tiljuga flowed on the eastern side of the fort.This Garh ,as it is said ,was built by Asur Shah a muslim Chieftain as a symbol of influence and power during the reign of Shershah Suri(1540-45).The other view says that it might have been built in Buddist period and occupied by the Chieftain during the reign of Sher Shah Suri.The fort might have been called Surgarh which later on became Asur Garh.There are several stories associated with this Garh.

6 Firoze Garh

There is one another Fort in Jhanjharpur Sub-division of Madhubani district called Firoz Garh.People called it Piroze-Garh now.It was built during the period of Firoze Shah Tughalaq.When he had been here ,during his easturn compaign. It is in the vicinity of Ghoghardiha Railway Station near the village Tilanath.


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