Rajnagar – A historical place in Madhubani


Rajnagar is an another village in Madhubani where The Raj of Darbhanga established one of his centeres.

During the period of King Rameshwar Singh several beautiful buildings and temples were constructed.However, In the earthquake of 1934 most of the building were destroyed but the remains are still worth seeing.

Rajnagar is situated at a distance of 15 KM from Madhubani town.

The famous temple here are Durga Mandir, Kali Mandir,Kamakhya Mandir, Naulakha Mandir,Shiv Mandir, Girija Mandir.All these Mandirs (temples) were constructed by Maharaja Rameshwar Singh,after the death of his elder brother Maharaja Lakshmeshwar Singh.

The property of Rajnagar,Korahiya and Bhowara Garh was donated to Kumar Rameshwar Singh by his elder brother Maharaja Lakshmeshwar Singh.After the death of Maharaja Lakshmeshwar Singh,his younger brother Kumar Rameshwar Singh became Maharaja and all the property donated to him vested in the Raj of Darbhanga.

Dynasties of Mithila

Under the Oinwars rule RajNagar became the seat of power

Mithila was ruled by several ancient dynasties like Janaks,the Mauryans,the Guptas,the Harsh and Pal.Nanab Deo captured Tirhut and founded the dynasty of Karnats.He belonged to south India and founded his capital in Simraon formerly in Champaran now in Nepal.

The dynasty remained in power for 266 years.Andhrathari, in Madhubani district had a special link with Dynasty of Nanab Deo of Karat dynsty. In their period,they had constructed the second capital and places at Andhra Thari.

Pandit Sandeo Jha in his book.”Andhra Thari;A Model Town’’ has given a detailed account of the place.According to R.R.Diwakar,the Dynasty ended with Harsingh Deo in the year 1326 AD after the invasion of Tughlaq.

After the Karnat Dynasty , the Dynasty of Kameshwara or the Oinwars came into the scene of Mithila in the year 1348 AD.This dynasty ruled over the region for 200 years from 1348 AD.to 1548 AD.

Madhubani remained the center of all the cultural activities in the period of Oinwars.

Mahakavi Vidyapati Thakur was associated with the court of Maharaja Shiv Singh.Village Bisfi , now a block head quarter in Madhubani ,was donated to Vidyapati Thakur by Maharaj Shiv Singh in recognition for his learning and knowledge.

Bisfi was the birth place of the poet Vidyapati Thakur.In all, there were nine kings in the dynasty of Oinwars who ruled for 200 year under the over-lordship of the Sultans of Delhi.The Sultan of Delhi never disturbed the Hindu Chiefs in their internal administration , as long  as tributes were paid in time.

Capital Shift from Shamshuddinpur to RajNagar

An abandoned palace in Raj Nagar of Madhubani

In the period of Haji Shamshuddin Ilyas – the king of Bengal , Oinwars shifted their capital from Shamshuddinpur (now Samastipur) to Sagauna in Madhubani near Rajnagar.The Oinwars were Maithil Brahmins.Sagauna remained the capital of all Rajas of Oinwars,in the district of Madhubani.After the falls of Oinwars the dynasty of Khandwala came on scene in the year 1557 AD and remained till 1952 when the zamindaries vested in the state of Bihar.In the sixteenth century,Akbar the Emperor of India was so much impressed with learning of Raghunandan Roy,a Maithil Brahmin of village Rampur,Pargana gaur,Anchal Pandaul,district Madhubani that he bestowed upon him the title of “Pandit Roy” and the state of Tirhut as reward in the year 1550 AD.

Raghunandan Roy to Mahesh Thakur

Raghunandan Roy,on return from Agra,presented the Raj to his Guru Mahesh Thakur,of village Bhaur, Anchal Pandaul.district Madhubani.Mahesh Thakur was a Shroti Brahmin.For some reason Mahesh Thakur return the state to Raghunandan Roy.After some time Gopal Thakur s/o Mahesh Thakur went to Agra in the Court of Akbar.Gopal Thakur proved his academic ability and adminstrative acuman in the art of management of zamindari affair,Akbar,convinced of the ability of Gopal Thakur granted the zamindari of Tirhut in the name of his father Mahesh Thakur in the year1557AD.Actually Mahesh Thakur was appointed “Qanungo”and zamindar and not Raja.Mahesh Thakur remained zamindar for 14 year(1557-71).He had five son.After his death in Banaras his second son Gopal Thakur,succeeded him in remained in power for 17 years and died in 1588AD.After the death of Gopal Thakur,his fifth brother Shobhankar Thakur succeeded him and remained in power for 23 years The dynasty continued till 1952.and Sir Kameshwar Singh was the last Maharaja when the zamindari of Darbhanga was vested in the Govt.of Bihar.These days Lalit Narayan Mithila Univercity.Darbhanga is functioning in the premises and palace of Darbhanga of Raj.

Emergence of Madhubani Painting

Madhubani Painting is a rich form of traditional art practiced in Raj Nagar and nearby villages of Madhubani

There is no big industry in the district.Only sugar mill like Lohat,Raiyam and Sakri established during the British period were functioning in the district and the cultivators grew the cash crop of sugarcane. But now all the suger Mills are closed.There is no desire on the part  of the Government to start the closed and sick Mills for the benefit of the people.These Mills were the sources of employment too. The political power ruling the state is showing no concern in this direction. The only cotton thread Mill at Pandaul is also closed due to the apathy of the state Govt.Hundred of workers have been laid off.

In recent years Madhubani painting has gained much and in the country and abroad.Mr. W.G Archer,Ics,the then civil SDO.Madhubani in the year 1934,for the fist time brought this art of rural people to the lime light..The theme of the painting is based on Hindu Mytholoy.initially this painting was confined to religious and cultural ritual particularly various “Virats””and “Shankaras”.The important painters from Madhubani like Smt. Sita Devi,Smt.Mahasundari Devi,Smt.Godavari Dutta,Smt.Ymuna Devi,Smt.Ramsundari Devi,Smt.Shanti Devi are well known in India and have visited several foreign countries.


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