4 Styles of Mithila painting


Mithila has always been a region of artist.Arts and Painting thrilled and throbbed in every movement of social congregations.Arts and painting was not confined within the elite circle,rather it apparently permeated even in the lowest ebb of rural life.The mud-built walls of the thatched houses were-spectacularly emblazoned with folk paintings.Traditionally the women-painting use the pigment from natural substances.The striking excellence of the painting is that the mythological stories are much eloquent and narrative in the paintings

Line Style Of Mithila Painting

Line Painting Style in Madhubani Art

The line painting of Mithila enliven creative art with their excellence.There are many emotions and expressions embedded therein.In line painting late Ganga Devi was honoured with national distinctions of Padmashree,Godavari Devi and Mahasundari Devi won National awards.They enhanced the dignity of India to the Zenith.

Coloured Style of Mithila painting

Colour Painting Style in Madhubani Art

The coloured Mithila painting are drawn by the Brahman women artists.These are inexplicably elegant paintings which regal the lovers of arts and paintings boundlessly The unique combination of natural colours lends immense elegance and serene grandeur to the paintings.Such Mithila paintings have brought proliferation of art in novel dimension. The celebrated artists like Jagdamba Devi and Sita Devi have achieved the wide horizon of success and acclaim in the country and abroad.

Godna Style of Mithila Painting

Mithila Paintings on Mud Walls

The inglorious and disdained untouchable women of scheduled cast in Mithila could not remain apart from the rippling stream of arts and paintings .They also evolved themselves in the decantation of painting,in different way.The afflicted harijan women living in their dingy and dilapidated thatched houses beautifully emblazon their mud- built walls with the sparkling figures like the son, the moon,trees, flowers,foliage’s,birds and fishes.Exclusively the have singularly specialized themselves in Godna painting.

Aripan Style of Mithila Painting

Artipan Style in Mithila Painting

Among the nuptial paintings,Aripan has a prime place Without Aripan marriage ceremony will appear dull and dreary.Such painting are regarded as the most auspicious on such occasions.The exquisitely lucent figures of Aripan are artistically drawn in various shapes and designs by the accomplished women artists.Such painting have wide appreciation in Mithila.

You can learn to draw Madhubani/Mithila paintings from our interactive video series at YouTube here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9CNfkv9x_E&list=PL8gK7ET0d_9lbrdo0eAI-2_THtG0wVEfi


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