K.L. Saigal's Mithila Connection

Kundan Lal (K.L.) Saigal (1904–1947)  was the pioneering singer of Hindi film music and is considered the first superstar of Bollywood.

K.L Saigal in one of his acted film.

Saigal's distinctive singing voice was so melodious and popular that he was idolized by the first generation of post-independence Bollywood playback singers, including Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh, and Kishore Kumar. Even today, the name K.L. Saigal conjures up images of the great Indian singing film star of the 1930s and 1940s with the unmatched golden voice.

Sehgal was also a friend of Kumar Bisheshwar Singh.It is to note that Bisheshwar Singh was younger brother of the then ruling king Maharaj Kameshwar Singh Who had constructed the beautiful Bela Palace for his brother in Darbhanga.


Bela Palace of Darbhanga has witnessed glorious events !

 Whenever the two friends met at the Bela Palace long sessions of conversations and renditions of ghazals and thumris followed. K. L. Sehgal even attended the marriage of Kumar. 

Interestingly , K.L.Sehgal took out his harmonium on impulse and sang "Babul Mora Naihar Chhuto Hee Jaye".

Raj Darbhanga had its own symphony orchestra and Police band. There was a circular structure in front of Manokaamna Temple, which was known as Band Stand.The band use to play music there in evening.

Today the floor of band stand exists only , deserted.

Himanshu Jha

Himanshu Jha

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