Download LNMU BEd 2017 Admit Card 2017

Read more: Download LNMU BEd 2017 Admit Card 2017

Lalit Narayan Mithila University has released the hall ticket/admit cards for students appearing for CET 217 B.Ed entrance examination.The student can directly download the LNMU BEd CET 2017 admit cards online through the university’s portal link here –>

At the given website you will need to either provide either your Mobile number or Your Name in the text box and hit submit button.You are then provided with a Download Admit Card option.The hall ticket/admit card has the Venue of Examination Centre.

As you might be aware the entrance test 2017 to LNMU B.Ed constituent/affiliated colleges will be held on May 28.

6 B.Ed Colleges received LNMU affiliation extension for an additional year

Read more: 6 B.Ed Colleges received LNMU affiliation extension for an additional year

Six B.Ed College of LNMU has received expansion order of affiliation for only educational session 2017-19 . The following B.Ed college have received expansion order for session 2017-19 -

  1. Mithila B.Ed College Shankarpur  Kashi , Darbhanga
  2. MB College of Education Anarkothi Rambhadrapur , Darbhanga.
  3. JP Teachers Training College Mathurapur , Samastipur .
  4. Saint Paul TT College Virsinghpur , Samastipur .
  5. MM Rahmani B.Ed College Damodarpur , Begusarai .
  6. Sham School of Education Kirtaul , Begusarai .

UT College Chamatha is a degree level College . University has also provided affiliation of Art , Commerce and Science faculty to this College from session 2017-19 to 2018-21.

LNMU Exams of Degree part 3 to be at 13 centers from June 12

Read more: LNMU Exams of Degree part 3 to be at 13 centers from June 12

LNMU administration has fixed centers of examination of Degree part three 2014-17 . The examination is to be held  from June 12 . About one lakh examinees will appear in the examination .

The details of examination centers and the name of colleges whose centers are fixed at these centers are as follows -

S.No Name of Examination centers Name of Colleges
1. CM College Darbhanga KS College , Laheriasarai , MRM College Darbhanga ,
    MM College Darbhanga , MLSM College Darbhanga .
2. CM Science College Darbhanga MK College Laheriasarai , MKS College Trimuhan Chandauna ,
    RBJ College Bela ,  Darbhanga . MMTM College ,Darbhanga .
3. Marwari College , Darbhanga C M Science College Darbhanga , BM College Baheri Darbhanga ,
    N Jha Mahila College Laheriasarai , Remaining Colleges under Darbhanga
    district .
4. KS College Laheriasarai MG College Darbhanga , MRSM College Anandpur Darbhanga ,
5. JK College Biraul MLSM College Darbhanga , CM College Darbhanga
6. Marwari College , Darbhanga SB College Parri Jalley , Darbhanga  , JD College Korthu Darbhanga
7. Millat College , Laheriasarai QAD College Jalley , RJRKS Degree LCS C ollege Darbhanga , JN College
    Nehra .
8. MK College Laheriasarai Millat College Laheriasarai , ANM College Benipur , Bahera College Bahera
9. RK College Madhubani JMDPLM College Madhubani , BM College Rahika , RN College Pandaul ,
    DB College Jainagar , KV Science College Uchchaith , DNY College Madhubani
    JN College Madhubani , RK College Madhubani , VSJ College Rajnagar ,
    remaining Colleges under Madhubani district .
10. JMDPLM College Madhubani JN College Madhubani , AHSA College Madhubani , JDGSDM College Jainagar
11. DNY College Madhubani HPS College Madhepur , SMJ College Khajedih , RNJD College Rampur Madha-
    vapur LNJ College Jhanjharpur ,
12. RN College Pandaul CMB College Deorh Ghoghardiha , CMJ College Donwarihat Khutauna ,
    MLS College Sarisavpahi .
13. LNJ College Jhanjharpur PLM College Jhanjharpur , PDKG College Andhratharhi .
14. PLM College Jhanjharpur SSKM College Bhairavsthan , Lutan Jha College Nanaur .
15. Samastipur College Samastipur Women’s College Samastipur , SMRCK College Samastipur , UR College
    Rosera , Dr. LKVD College Tajpur , remaining under colleges of Samastipur district .
16. RNAR College Samastipur Samastipur College Samastipur , SK College Teyay .
17. Women’s College Samastipur RNR College Samastipur , Sant Kabir College Samastipur .
18. Dr. LKVD College Tajpur UP College Pusa , RIHE College Birauli , RB College Dalsinghsarai .
19 . RB College Dalsinghsarai KSR College Sarairanjan , GKPD College Karpurigram , MND College Chandauna
20. Saint Kabir College Samastipur BRB College Samastipur , DBKN College Narhan , RLSRMD College Shivajinagar
    CR College Kishanpur .
21. KSR College Sarairanjan AND College Shahpur Patori , RBS College Andaur .
22. GD College Begusarai SKM College Begusarai , RCS College Majhaul , APSM College Barauni , Begusarai
23. SBSS College Begusarai GD College Begusarai ,
24. SKM College Begusarai SBSS College Begusarai , Remaining under Colleges of Begusarai district .
25. APSM College Barauni , Begusarai RBS College Teyay Begusarai , UT College Chamtha Begusarai
26. RBS College Teyay Begusarai RCSS College Bihat Begusarai .

LNMU PG 4th semester Viva/Practical dates announced

Read more: LNMU PG 4th semester Viva/Practical dates announced

LNMU administration has announced the date of oral and practical examination of PG 4th semester . The students can receive the details information from their related departments .

The practical and project examination is expected from May 29 in the department of University .According to Professor , Upendra Kumar - the HoD , examination will be held from June 2 to 5 in Samastipur College Samastipur and from June 1 to 4 in GD College Begusarai .The students of RK College , Madhubani and CM Science College will appear in the University department .

According to Dr. Nirmala Jha , University HoD of Home Science department , the practical examination of Home science is scheduled from May 29 in University department .

According to Professor A Jha , HoD of Physics the examination scheduled to be on May 29 and 30 in Samastipur , on May 29 and 30 in CM Science College , on May 30 and 31 in RK College Madhubani , from June 2 to 5 in GD College Begusarai and examination to be on June 2 and 3 in University department . The students of MRM College will appear in PG department . 

According to Kanchan Mala Thakur , HoD of PG History the oral examination of 4th semester is scheduled from May 22 in University department and on My 22 and 23 in GD College , May 23 and 24  on May 25 MRM College , on May 26 in Samastipur College Samastipur , on May 27 in RB College Dalsingh Sarai and the oral examination of the students of RK College Madhubani will be on May 30 in University department .

Sakri-Jhanjharpur-Laukaha Bazar rail section closed for Broad gauge conversion

Read more: Sakri-Jhanjharpur-Laukaha Bazar rail section closed for Broad gauge conversion

The rail service of meter gauge from Sakri to Laukaha Bazar via Jhanjharpur has been announced to be closed from May 27 for broad gauge conversion . As a matter of fact the Jhanjharpur-Nirmali rail service has already been closed .

According to the information received from departmental sources , this work of broad gage conversion will be continue till March 2018 . The people of this area are very happy from the news of broad gauge conversion .This will be direct connect the rail service of this region to Delhi , Mumbai , Gujarat including other places.

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Download LNMU BEd 2017 Admit Card 2017

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