India to develop Indo-Nepal-Bangladesh-Bhutan mega road corridor



‘India-Nepal-Bangladesh and Bhutan  will be connected with a road way’, said Nitin Gadkari , Minister of Road Transport and Highway .The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved to help for tthis project .The Indian government will also invest 25 lakh crores in next 5 years on National Highway and Transport.

The roads interconnections will enhance the trade across these neighboring countries.There also chances that Myanmar will too join this project further expanding the network.The Asian Development Bank has asked for co-operation to make this project successful.The project is worth Rs 40,000 crores and plans are under way.

Gadkari has told that the the government will invested Rs 25 lakh Crores in the next five years .In which the process of the project of Rs 4 lakh Crores has been started .He estimates the Gross Domestic Product to increase by 3 %  with this investment.The project is expected to create 5 crores new jobs & services.

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