Rail Over Bridge will be constructed at Museum Crossing in Darbhanga


Museum Railway Crossing Over Bridge Darbhanga

A rail over bridge will be constructed near the museum railway crossing of Darbhanga station .In this regard a survey was started from Tuesday .

Ramji Yadav and Dileep Yadav , supervisor of GRE company of Chennai told that an estimate regarding this work will be prepared after the complete of survey .

Aditya Kumar Mittal , the GM of East Central Railways , Hajipur has expressed the need for construction of an ROB on the museum railway crossing in order to inspection of Darbhanga Junction .

The constructed of this long anticipated railway over bridge will  benefit the residents of eastern part of crossing including Laksmisagar , Mukhia Ji pokhar , Dharmpur , Sadhugachhi , Kabirchak , Sadar block , Sadar thana , Katrahia , Gandhinagar , Chhapki and Chunabhatthi etc mohallas .The ROB construction will also bring a relief from the traffic jams at this trisection.

The demand for an over bridge construction on Kathalwari , Museum , Donar , Chatti chowk and Pandasarai crossing  is many years older.But , the work of construction of ROB on Kathalwari crossing was only completed in the year 2012 after agitations and dharnas.

In this scenario , however , the construction of ROB over Donar crossing still remains a distant dream .The situation of other crossings is unchanged .

There locals were however happy about the news of green signal to the construction of  ROB on museum railway crossing.


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