Sudha launches low cholesterol ghee and Chura-Dahi pack

Sudha under COMFED has launched Makhana Kheer recently

After the launch of packaged Makhana Kheer , Ras-Malai and Chamcham by ‘Sudha’ last month ,the Bihar State Milk Co-operative Federation Ltd (COMFED),  launched the much awaited low cholesterol ghee .The federation also launched the combo pack of Chura-Dahi for sale before Makar Sankranti .

The low cholesterol ghee has been launched in  two ‘pet jars’ option. This ghee will be available in 200 grams and 500 grams jars .The cost of smaller jars has been fixed as Rs 105 and the cost of bigger jar will be Rs 250 .

The weight of the packet of Chura-Dahi will be 315 grams and cost of this packet will be Rs 50 only .The sugar and spoon also includes in the packet of Chura- Dahi .There will be 80 grams aromatic Mirchai Chura  and 80 grams Dahi (curd) in the packet .The cost of this will be reduced soon .

COMFED will also introduce ‘tea special milk’ from which the tea sellers may be able to make greater amount of tea due to the thickness of milk.The cost of 500 ml milk will be Rs 18 and cost of 1000ml milk will be Rs 36 ..

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