Darbhanga Junction will setup a Solar power plant for alternative power arrangements

Solar power plant for alternative power arrangements at Darbhanga Station

Railways will install a solar power plant at Darbhanga Junction after March  in an attempt towards alternative power arrangements .

According to the information from East Central Railways (ECR) the solar power plant installation has already ben given a green nod.With solar power plant as a backup source of energy the passengers at the station will not have to spend time in the dark.Also it will reduce the consumption of power by the station and curb in electricity bills .

Railway Energy Management Company Ltd (REMCL) has been given the charge of  setting up the solar power plant on the junction .Among 50 places marked by East Central Railways for the setting up of solar power plant Darbhanga was also got selected.

The solar power power plant will be setup on the roof of Railway office main building .The circuits will circulate the power in connections which in turn will be used generating power for light arrangements .

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