Darbhanga’s ‘New Bus stand’ may start functioning from April 2017


If things proceed with the current pace , the people of  Darbhanga ,  may start getting the benefits of new Bus Stand near Delhi More.It is now being assumed that the bus stand will get operation from the second or third week of  March 2017.

Recently , the town commissioner discussed the issue with the officials of municipal corporation gave his consent of this transfer .He has also handed over a list of proposals to the district administration  .

The new bus stand at Darbhanga is spread across 9 acre of land and its construction began in 2008 .Although the construction work was completed in 2014 , due to technical glitches , the stand has been waiting for the inauguration .

This new constructed bus stand has been equipped with several facilities .It has got three entrance gates , 12 bus platforms ,  20 toilets and adequate provisions for the light.

This stand is located on the edge of road NH 57 and SH 105 near flyover .The resident of town are expected to get relief from frequent traffic jams after the start of this stand.

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