Dental Clinic at Darbhanga does a rare Implant Surgery for artificial teeth


Teeth were fixed on the jaw with the help of latest techniques of implant surgery at a dental clinic in Laxmi Sagar area of Darbhanga .

Dr. Kumar Kumar Sharad Bhushan from Kumar Dental and Orthopedic Avenue talking in this regard said that with this method the patients of diabetes can also get a fixed teeth successfully on their jaw.’The patent can even go to his home on same day’,he added .

In a dental implant a titanium post is surgically inserted into the jawbone beneath the gum line allowing the dentist to fix replacement teeth or a bridge into that area.This technique provides stable support for artificial teeth.

Earlier , it used to take 10-15 days in the transplant of teeth .The cost of Vanshal Dental Implant is lower than the old way of treatment .

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