Helicopter ferry service for Valmiki Tiger Reserve from Patna from October

VTR Will Soon have helicopter service to ferry passengers to reserve from Patna

The forest department in Bihar will start helicopter service for the tourist to Valmiki Tiger Reserve , Bihar’s lone tiger reserve  possibly by October of this year.The Government of Bihar is in negotiations with private companies in this regard.The start of helicopter service from Patna to VTR will shorten the 12 hour road journey to just half an hour affair.

VTR is located at Indo-Nepal Boarder and is going to be connected with a helicopter service for the first time.

As per the reports the helicopter to be used to ferry passengers from Patna to Valmiki Tiger Reserve and back will be either a 12 or a 16 seater.In the first phase , the forest department will be operate less-seat aircraft for the facility of the tourists .Gradually , when the number of tourists will increase , it will consider to ply bigger aircraft for the operations.
The wild reserve of Bihar abounds in Tiger, Sloth bear, Leopard, Wild dog, Bison, Wild boar etc.Besides there are several species of deer and antelopes viz barking deer, spotted deer, hog deer, sambar and blue bull in the sanctuary.The Reserve has rich avi-fauna diversity. Over 250 species of birds have been reported.

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