Power saving fans and LED tube lights distribution in Darbhanga soon

Power saving fans and LED tube lights distribution in Darbhanga soon

The Bihar Electricity Department under the Ujala Scheme will soon provide LED tube light and low power fans at the subsidized rates in Darbhanga district .

The LED bulb is already being delivered Ujala scheme since last two years.Celling fan and tube lights will be provided at a much lower cost than the market .With this endeavor the government plans to minimize the power load as subsidized fans and tube lights will encourage people to buy these items.

On being enquired about the cost of fans and tube lights MithilaConnect was told that Rs 230 will be charged for led tube light (full set with frame) of 18 watts.Similarly Rs 1150 will be charged for the low power celling fan.

As per the latest reports , the first shipment of tube lights has arrived at Darbhanga and LED fans will also be arriving in the district head quarter in the next few days .

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