Darbhanga Railway Station earns ‘dirtiest station’ tag


Darbhanga Railway Station earns ‘dirtiest’ tag

In the survey by IRCTC for the cleanest and dirtiest railway stations , Darbhanga railway station , was found to be the dirtiest among all.Vishakhapatnam railway station is on the first place in the most clean railway stations list.

Surveyor had quoted that on the one side the platform is broken while the other side there is stack of the was.It seems like this platform has not been maintained since a long time .

This is only after when the central team had arrived here with a prior notice to check the hygiene .The height of negligence can be traced from the fact that the station was not cleaned up despite a prior information .The members of visiting team had returned with a disappointment .The experts say that the points were given on the same basis .

For a district which is famous for historic , literary and folk art this announcement came as an embarrassment in front of the country.

At Darbhanga Station , Railways has given contract to clean the Junction . It has deputed officers at the local level for its maintenance .Washing of the entire station is to be done three times . But washing of the station is barely done two times only.Railway has placed garbage containers at several places on the platforms .But the passengers are not serious about it . They spread garbage at the same place where they sit or relax .The department does not take strict actions. So there is no any legal effect on such passengers .

The contractor has be clean the junction , daily , by the machine .But machines are seldom used.Only after the arrival of a senior officer these machines are used and limes are spread.The condition other platforms are even worse.

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