Bihar Gears up for Online FIR facility from July


Bihar Gears up for Online FIR facility from July

Online FIR can be started in Bihar from July . The preparations are in full swing in this regard. The computers and concerned staffs have been made available to all police stations . Along with it ,  the work of data share is also underway which will some take time to complete .

Anjani Kumar Singh , the CS of Bihar was narrating this to Prime Minister when he was taking reports in this regard from the chief secretary of all states. After video conferencing , Chief secretary said , the information about preparations of Bihar in the direction of online FIR was given to the Prime Minister .

Arrangement are being made at the country level such that entire information about the offender can be made available online . These preparations are also going in Bihar . After completion of this work the crime in the state is expected to be reduced.

He said  that it would become easier to catch the network of the criminals . The entire information of the criminals like his name , address , all cases on him will be registered in the computer . If criminals carry out any crime in any state of India then information’s may be fetched by the police  immediately .

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