Class 12th CBSE topper of Darbhanga from Jesus and Mary Academy



Neha has become the CBSE Class 12  topper in Darbhanga district in 2017.The student from Jesus and Mary Academy  secured 95.2 % marks in the results declared by CBSC examination board.

The topper from Darbhanga is the daughter of a doctor who is HOD in Pathology Department of Medical College in Birganj  district of Nepal.Neha’s mother is a housewife.While talking to the media Neha said that she used to study daily for 12 hours.

The second topper of Darbhanga in class XII 2018  has been declared to be another girl named Stuti Priya who is a student of DAV Public School Sara Mohanpur . She has credited her success to the school management and efficient administration the principal of the school .She wants to serve the country as a doctor .

The maximum students of Rose Public School have made their place in the list of top ten .But all students of Rose Public School are on third place in the merit list . Gautam Kumar Jha and Saumya Jha has achieved third place jointly .Both students have achieved 472 marks equally .

Pratik Kumar , student of Woodbine Modern School has made to the 4th place in the list of top ten of Darbhanga district toppers .He achieved 94 % marks .Ritu Raj from the same school achieved 93.4 % marks.

Sneha , student of Rose public school achieved 93 % marks and made her parents happy . Amitabh Kumar Mishra , Student of Rose Public School also achieved 93 % marks .

Abrin Haider , daughter of Dr. Imamuddin Haider and student of Jesus and Mary Academy achieved 94.6 % and maintained her district on the second notch . Aman Kumar Jha , son of Rajesh Jha achieved 93.2 % marks and Swati , daughter of Chandra Pratap Singh , Diksha Jyoti daughter of Sanjay Kumar , Aditya Prabhat son of Dr. PK Thakur achieved 93% marks equally and they have credited to the principal and the managing director of the school .

Top Ten Darbhanga district toppers at a glance

Merit order name of student name of school % of marks
1. Neha Sinha Jesus and Mary 95.2
2. Stuti Priya DAV School 94.6
2. Abrin Haider Jesus and Mary 94.6
3. Gautam Kumar Jha Rose Public School 94.4
3. Saumya Jha Rose Public School 94.4
4. Pratik Kumar Woodbine Modern School 94
5. Ritu Raj Woodbine Modern School 93.4
6. Aman Kumar Jha Jesus and Mary 93.2
7. Swati Jesus and Mary 93
7. Sneha Rose Public School 93
7. Amitabh Kumar Mishra Rose Public 93
7. Diksha Jyoti Jesus and Mary 93

Top ten list of Jawahar Navoday Vidyalaya Pacharhi , Darbhanga

Name  of students % of Marks
Bhavana Kumari 94.8
Sagar Kashyap 93.8
Akshat 93.2
Surabhi Suman 91.8
Abhijit Raman 89.4
Jyoti Kumari 87.8
Ritwik Mohanti 86.8
Raj Vaibhav Mishra 86.6
Rashmi Kumari 86.4
Sugandha Singh 86

Top ten list of Jesus and Mary school

Name of students % of Marks
Neha Sinha 95.2
Abrin Haider 94.6
Aman Kumar Jha 93.2
Swati 93
Diksha Jyoti 93
Aditya Prabhat 93
Pragya 92.6
Abhishek Anad 92.2
Shanya 91.8
Anubhav 91.6
Ankur Prakash 91.6
Dipak Kumar 91.6
Priya Kumari 91
Aikta Jha 90.8
Kundan Kumar Jha 90.8
Sonali Raj 90.8
Jahanavi Jha 90.6
Swati Kashyap 90.6
Ayush Aman 90.2
Vishal Kumar 90.2
Aditya Kumar 90

Top ten list of Public school Bela

Name of students % of Marks
Nikita 91.4
Shubhangi Soni 89
Neha Kumari 88.6
Dilip Kumar 86.6
Aditya Gupta 86.2
Aditya Chandra Jha 85.8
Ritesh Sarraf 84.7
Kumar Shudarshan 84.4
Sneha Pradhan 84
Kumar Shanu 82.6

Topper of DAV school

Name of students % of Marks
Stuti Priya 95
Rubi Bharati 77.8

Top ten list of woodbine modern school

Name of students % of Marks
Pratik Kumar 94
Ritu Raj 93.4
Prachi Pranamya 91.8
Shatakshi Madhu 91.2
Pankaj Kumar 88.4
Ayush Kumar Thakur 88
Priti Kumari 87.4
Akriti Singh 87.2
Sajid Rahman 87.2
Pragati Rani 86.2
Madhav Kumar Jha 86

Top ten list of Mahatma Gandhi Shikshan Sansthan

Name of students % of Marks
Abhinav Anand 91.8
Aditya 86.6
Rishabh Raj 86
Hemant Kumar 80.4
Vikash Kumar 79.8
Aniket Kumar 77.6
Dhiraj Kumar Jha 76.8
Saurabha Kumar Jha 76.6
Kajal Kumari 74.4

Top ten list of Rose Public School

Name of students % of Marks
Gautam Kumar Jha 94.4
Saumya Jha 94.4
Sneha 93
Amitabh  kumar Mishra 93
Saurabh Kumar Mishra 92
Sahil Kashyap 91.8
Saiyad Inserah Amim 91.4
Krishna Mohan Jha 89.8
Ankita 88.8
Avinash Anand 87.8
Nivesh Kumar Jha 87.8
Divyanshu Shekhar 87

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