Paras performs successful Heart Valve replacement surgery in Darbhanga

Paras performs successful Heart Valve replacement surgery in Darbhanga

It was the first time a Heart Valve replacement was performed in Darbhanga by Paras Hospital.The replacement used Minimally-Invasive Mitral Valve Replacement technique as the hospital quoted. Dr AmarNath Shaw , the Cardiac Surgeon in Paras along with his team were involved in this operation.

A patient of 55 years old was having difficulty in breathing and approached the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. It was discovered during medical investigation that one of the four valve of the patient became smaller , a reason , concluded for trouble in breathing.

The name of this condition is known as Mitral Valve Stenosis . An incision of 4 inch was imposed under the chest by this method .The valve was planted by hand closing the heart and cut was not performed on chest bone. After four days of observation , the patient was discharged from the hospital . Now he is completely healthy as per the hospital claims.

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