Ekmighat-Shobhan Bypass road opens to Public

Ekmighat-Shobhan Bypass road SH50 opens to Public

The 16 Kilometer long Darbhanga (Laheria Sarai)-Samastipur Road was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Bihar. With this , Nitish Kumar - Chief Minister of Bihar , inaugurated total 49 projects of Darbhanga district through remote on Wednesday from the auditorium of DMCH .

About 229 crores rupees have been spent on these schemes . Out of these , 30 schemes were inaugurated  and foundation stone was laid for19 plans .The most prominent of it was opening of Ekmighat to Shobhan bypass road .

Darbhanga (Laheria Sarai)-Samastipur Road has been constructed with a sum of 72 crores of rupees .This road section connects SH 50 located at Ekmighat with NH 57 .

The residents of town will get rid of Jam encountered at the Laheris Sarai Tower and there after by this bypass road which straight away connects to NH 57.

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