Non Scheduled Air flights expected to start from Darbhanga


Non Scheduled Airline services will be started from many cities of Bihar including Darbhanga . For this , an agreement has been made between the Center and the Bihar government. Once again the people of region are hoping that , the will be able to fly to other cities from Darbhanga very soon .

The agreement was signed on Friday in this regard , in the presence of Ashok G. Raju , the Union Civil Aviation Minister and Nitish Kumar , the Chief Minister of Bihar . Anjani Kumar Singh , the Chief secretary , RN Chaubey , the secretary of the Union Civil Aviation , Chanchal Kumar the chief secretary of Chief Minister , Guru Prasad Mahapatra , the president of the Union Civil Aviation Authority etc were present on this occasion .

Currently , Darbhanga , Muzaffarpur , Bhagalpur Purnia , Saharsa and Valmiki Nagar airports have been selected under regional connectivity scheme . These are to be connected with Patna and Gaya airports .Bihar Government will not take night charge , landing and parking fee to make these services available at lower rates . 

The Government of Bihar will also be supplying the facility of electricity and water along with this .

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