Bihar Tourism Corp starts online travel package for Pind-dan at Gaya


Bihar State Tourism Corporation has started online booking for Pitripaksh Mela which includes Pind-Dan cost .All arrangements from Boarding , Lodging, Priest and Pind-daan will be done by BSTC. You just have to submit the information of your arrival  at Patna or Gaya and other tasks will be done by the Corporation . 

You can get more information for online booking on official website of Corporation . The Hindu devotees living in different parts of the country and abroad come to Gaya every year for doing Pind-daan for the peace of their ancestors soul .

Pitripaksh Mela 2017 from September 6

Pitripaksh Mela will begin in Gaya from September 6 to 20 . BSTC’s package include all the expenditure including the Panda and Pinddan .The food , breakfast , stay at hotel  and air conditioned car for journey also included in the tour package .This tour package can be obtained from Patna and Gaya .

The air-conditioned vehicles have been arranged for Pind-daan performers from Airport or Railway station . After the Pind-daan , the vehicle of the Corporation will drop you at the Airport or Railway station .

Tour with Pind-dan

A Night rest will be arranged in Bodh Gaya in the tour package for two days.A tour of Rajgir , Nalanda and Pawapuri is also included in this package.In one day package only Bodh Gaya visit will be arranged for Pind-daan performers. You will also get food and breakfast with stay in this option .

Tour package from Patna with Pind-dan cost

For 1day

1 person 8,600
2 person 9,000
4person 16, 000

For 2days

1 person 10, 500
2 person 14, 100
4 person 22, 000

Tour package from Gaya with Pind-dan cost

For 1 day

1 person 7, 000
2 person 9, 800
4 persons 13, 000

For 2 days

1 person 11 , 000
2 person 15 , 000
4 person 21 , 500

Visit Rajgir , Nalanda and Pawapuri in 2 day package

1 person 11 , 000
2 person 15 , 000
4 person 22 , 000
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