Postal Department issues stamp on PAG of Mithila

Postal Department issues stamp on PAG of Mithila

Government of India has honored the glorious culture of Mithila . Postal department of Government of India has issued a postal stamp on “Mithila PAG” .

The Government of India has given a big gift to the people of Mithila by releasing the postal stamp on ‘PAG’ of Mithila .Dr. Birbal Jha , the chairman of Mithilalok Foundation has expressed the happiness over this event.Dr Jha said that PAG is cultural identity and heritage of Mithila .The move of Indian government has strengthened Indian culture .

‘Every Maithil should feel proud on this and should come forward to increase respect and importance of the PAG’,he added.

Thanking the Prime Minister , Dr. Jha has appealed to declare ‘PAG’ as the heritage of the nation .

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