No entry for heavy vehicles in Darbhanga town from September 26

No entry for heavy vehicles in Darbhanga town from September 26

Considering at Durga Puja and Muharram the district administration Darbhanga has made changes in the traffic routes.

According to Satyavir Singh , the SSP of Darbhanga , this system will be implemented till the morning of October 2 . The heavy vehicles will not be allowed to enter  in the town during these days .

No movement of Bus ,  truck , tractor and commercial vehicles will be permitted from Shivdhara more and Kadirabad Bus stand from September 26 to October 2 . While , commercial vehicles coming from Bahera and Benipur will be stopped at Dilawarpur Dal mills .

Commercial vehicles coming from Baheri will be stopped at Ramnagar and commercial vehicles and buses coming from Samastipur will be stopped at Laheriasarai Bus stand only .Buses from Madhubani to Muzaffarpur and Patna will go direct through fore lane National Highway .While buses coming from Patna and Muzaffarpur will halt at Delhi more only .

Stoppage of autorikshaws will not be allowed to stop at any circumstances at  in front of Darbhanga junction , Donar , Alalpatti , Benta chowk and in front of Kadirabad Bus stand . The operation of commercial vehicles will be stopped in the city from Darubhatthi to Kilaghat , Bhandar chowk to Kathalbari mohalla and Income tax chowk to Hassan chowk .   All buses going to Samastipur from Madhubani via Darbhanga will go to Samastipur via Delhi more-Atarbel link by pass road-Bishanpur .  

The LNMU police station has been ordered to depute police forces at the following places to keep the city’s traffic smooth :- Bhandar chowk , IT chowk , Vidyapati chowk , Kadirabad Bus stand , Azamnagar Mukundi chowk , Darbhanga Junction , near Museum temple and Sakri more.The Town police station has been order to depute police forces at the following places – near CM Arts college , Subhash chowk , Khankah chowk , Naka No 5 , Mirzapur chowk , CM , CID chowk and Donar chowk . Laheriasarai police station has been order to depute police forces at the following places –Lohia chowk , Darubhatthi chowk , Naka No 6 , Benta chowk , Laheriasarai Tower , Sharma Diagnosis , Karpuri chowk , DMCH , Allpatti and near Ekmighat .

Operation of all types vehicles and auto will be stopped in the urban areas from 3 PM to 4 AM .

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