Bihar Government increases Driving License fees to almost double


People of Bihar will now have to pay more money to make a driving license , change of address , conductor license , owner transfer of the vehicle , duplicate documents of the vehicle including other works . The government has increased  the surcharge thereby increasing rates which have already come to an effect .

Now Rs 790 will be charged at the place of Rs 480 for making your learning License ( two wheeler and LMV) .

Rs 2250 will be charged at the place of Rs 1290 for making driving license . If you have to change address in the license then you will have to pay Rs 300 at the place of Rs 50 . In a similar way , you will have to pay Rs 500 extra to transfer vehicle ownership.

The state government has made modifications in Bihar Motor Rules 1992 . The Transport department will grow its revenue of around Rs 15 Crores by increasing surcharge . The proposal was prepared for increasing the surcharge .

Navin Chandra Jha , the then state transport commissioner had organized a committee . The committee had passed the proposal .

After that the objections and suggestions were asked from the people . But before increasing the surcharge of the state government , the Central government increased in fees . Due to this this proposal was stopped immediately .

New rates

earlier present increase

Learner license

Rs 480 Rs 790 Rs 310

Driving license

Rs 1290 Rs 2250 Rs 960

Address change

Rs 50 Rs 300 Rs 250

Honor transfer four wheeler

Rs 500 Rs 1000 Rs 500

Conductor License

Rs 20 Rs 170 Rs 150

Duplicate conductor License

Rs 20 Rs 170 Rs 150

Duplicate driving License

Rs 30 Rs 200 Rs 170

Duplicate copy document

Rs 30 Rs 210 Rs 180

Changing photo in License

Rs 10 Rs 160 Rs 150

Increase in the amount two times this year

These fees has increased two times in this year. Earlier , Central government had amended in Central Motor Rule 1989 and released notification on December 29 , 2016 . The Transport department implemented it on January 17 , 2017 . The fees for other things including license  had also increased .

Now Bihar Motor Vehicles Rules 1992 have been also changed and the surcharged also increased on on January 17 , 2017 . The increase in the fee does not come under the purview of the state government . So , the state government increases the amount on the name of surcharge .

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