Akhand Namdhun Mahayagya will start in Shyama temple from tomorrow


Ankhand Namdhun Mahayagya is going to start in Shyama Mandir from November 7 and will continue till November 16 .

Maa Shyama Temple Trust committee is engaged in its preparation . Special arrangements has been taken to facilitate safety and security of the devotees . On one side Hawan Mandap is being prepared while on the other hand the Trust committee is engaged in the management of Pandits with Sankirtan Mandali .

It is being given a final touch . It is significant that , this Mahayagya is organized every year for peace and prosperity. In addition to the surrounding district , a large number of devotees of the Goddess reach here from the different parts of the country .

Namdhun will start with Kalash Shobha Yatra

Grand Kalash Shobha Yatra will start at 8 AM before Mahayagya begins . Madhubala Sinha , ward councilor has been made its convener . 1008 girls will participate in this Kalash Shobha Yatra .

Namdhun will start after stage worship

Sharad Chandra Jha , assistant priest will do special Aarti after worship of Goddess Shyama . After that the fire will be lit in the Hawan Kund . Sri Jha will worship the stage at 11 AM . After that Namdhun Nawah will start .

15 Kirtan Mandali selected

Trust committee has selected 15 Kirtan Mandalies for Namdhun . The time of women mandali has been fixed from 12 AM to 6 PM .

Souvenir will be released

There will also be releasing of a souvenir name Maa Shyama Sandesh on this occasion .

CCTV will keep eye around the temple campus

The additional CCTV cameras are being installed to monitor the anti-social elements . There have been already eight cameras installed in the temple campus . Even more powerful eight cameras will be installed on this occasion .

Prasad distribution will be from two counters

Prasad of Goddess will be  distributed to 24 hours . For this two counters have been made .

Commissioner gave instruction to DM

HR Nivasan , secretary of Maa Shyama Trust Committee with Divisional Commissioner has written the letter to DM for Nawah Mahayagya . He said in the letter that essential steps should be taken to ensure the safety and convenience of devotees .

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