The rare known facts about kavi Vidyapati


Kavi Vidyapati was born in Bisfi village near Madhubani

The pillar of Maithil literature rests on the shoulders of Vidyapati , every maithil despite his caste , creed or religion must feel proud about the achievements of this great poet.


In folk stories it is told that due to his strong devotion for lord shiva , the lord himself , came to serve this poet as a servant named Ugana.When he was about to die he wished Ganga – the river, to engulf him in her water, and the river , left its course , to fulfill his wish.

Birth Place : – Bisaphi village of Darbhanga district in 1350 AD

Mool : – Bisaiwar Gudha

Gotra : – Kashyap

Family : – Two wives Sambala and Sankari

Sons : Harpati Thakur , Narpati Thakur , Vachaspati Thakur

Daughter : – Dullahi

Titles / Nicknames

Abhinav , Jaidev , Sukavi , Kanthaar ,Raj Pandit,Kaviratna ,Kavi Kokil

His Works

In Sanskrit Language

Bhuparikrama , Vibhasagar , Daan Vaakyavali , Purush Pariksha , Durga Bhakti Tarangani etc

In Avahatt language

Kirti Latha , Kirti Patakha,Jyotish Darshan , Nritaya Vidyakatha , Agam Dwaitnirnay

Drama – Goraksha Vijaya

In Maithili Language

Nepal Tadiat , Ram Tadiat , Tarauni Tadait , Raag Tarangani , Vaishnav Padavali

Classification of His works

1. Shringaar (beauty)
2. Bhakti (devotional)
3.Vyavhaar geet (folk songs)
4.Kut Pad (songs sung at different auspicios occasions )

Death : –
Around 1450 AD in Bazidpur Village. Now there is a temple named Vidyapati Mahadev.

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