Fogs to Disrupts Several Darbhanga Bound Trains


Railway passengers will have to face trouble during fog.Because the fog will increase in the frost, which will affect trains . Railway has canceled several important trains in view of delay the trains . While , the several trains have been announced to partially cancel. It includes four important Trains of Mithila area. Certainly , this will cause more trouble to the rail passengers.

Its opposite effect , will also be affected on the revenue of Railways. One train will be canceled for two and a half months . It is clear that, the railway is not sensitive for passengers of Mithilanchal. According to the departmental information that due to delay in the trains , the problem creates in its maintenance . Railways have taken this decision to ensure safety in the full perspective and at the time of operation.

Sarayu Yamuna Express will not go on November 28

Saryu Yamuna Express train (14649) will not go to Amritsar on November 28 from Jaynagar and Darbhanga . This train din not depart from Amritsar for Jaynagar on Sunday. Due to lack of rack this decision have been taken . It is confirmed by senior DCM of Samastipur.

Shahid Express train will be cancelled from December 2 to February 13

Shahid Express Train ( 14673) Jaynagar-Amritsar via Darbhanga will also be cancelled from December 2 to February 13 . Amritsar-Jaynagar Express train (14674) will be also cancelled from December 1 to February 13 of next year.

Railway Department has taken this decision

Due to the fog, the speed of trains has been stopped these days . The operation of the trains is completely disturb. Both superfast express and other express trains are victims of this. The situation is so bad that trains are going on more than 24 hours late.

Details information of the cancelled Trains –

Train No name of trains from where to where Name of cancelled day duration of cancellation
12561 Swatantrta Senani SF Jaynagar to New Delhi Thursday From December 1 to February 13
12562                     Swatantrta Senani SF New Delhi to Jaynagar Friday from December 1 to February 13
15211 Jan Nayak Express Darbhanga to Amritsar Wednesday from December 1 to February 13
15212                     Jan Nayak Express Amritsar to Darbhanga Monday from December 1 to February 13
14649 Sarayu Yamuna Express Jaynagar to Amritsar Friday from December 1 to February 13
14650                      Sarayu Yamuna Express Amritsar to Jaynagar Wednesday from December 1 to February 13

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