Newly developed Makhana species to need very less water


Now the Makhana will also be produced in the fields along with the pond. Dual yield in low cost will open the door to the prosperity of the farmers . After five years of hard work, agricultural scientists have succeeded in developing new species of ‘Golden Vaidehi’. 70% of Makhana cultivation in the country is in Mithilanchal. The farmers of the ‘golden vaidehi’ can rain gold.

Traditionally Makhana is cultivated in ponds . For this, there should be at least 12 feet of water in the pond. It takes 10 months to harvest the crop. Farmers have to go to the pond several times and they have to break fruit from deep water. It is quite annoying and hard .

This problem of farmers has been solved by the scientists of the Makhana Research Center located in Darbhanga. Agricultural scientists have developed a such species of Makhana that can be sown in the field instead of the pond.

This research has been done by agricultural scientist Dr.Lokendra Kumar and Dr. Vinod Kumar. He told that ‘Swarna Vaidehi’ can be produced by filling only one feet of water in the field instead of the pond.It will take less time to prepare the crop.Crop of ‘Golden Vaidehi’ will be ready three months before traditional species .

Usually the Makhana plantation in ponds takes place in November-December. Transplanting of nursery of ‘Golden Vaidehi’ can be done in December. The time of sowing will be in late March . Crop will be ready in August .

According to the scientists that production of four to five quintal Makhana is done in one acre pond . It costs about 20 to 25 thousand rupees . But if sowing of ‘golden vaidehi’ can be done in the same place, then production will be eight to 10 quintals . Cost will also come up to 15 thousand . Farmers are being provided seeds at a rate of 100 rupees per kg .

Makhana is cultivated in about 15 thousand hectare area in the country. It has 80 to 90 percent production in Bihar only. The part of 70 % of its production is of Mithilanchal. Here , the cultivation of Makhana is done in Darbhanga, Madhubani, Supaul and Samastipur districts.

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