Large crowd appears at the Disneyland Fair in Darbhanga


Disney Land fair running near ITO intersection Darbhanga

Update Nov 2016 : Disneyland continues to run in old bus stand and Raj Maidan of Darbhanga

The annual Disney Land fair completes its second week after it opened on May 18.The fair is running in old bus stand campus near Income Tax intersection.The fair is overflowing with visitors especially on Sunday’s.Apart from the different kinds of rides which are an interest of the kids ,the people are also visiting the stalls from other states.

There are range of items for men , women and kids in the fair.There stalls were found selling kitchenware’s, clothing, toys,wooden craft,glass-wares.The stall which teaches and sells magic items is also popular.There food stalls were also seen with rush.The adventure freaks can enjoy rides like giant wheel,tora tora and giant boat.

The fair begins everyday at 5PM in the evening and ends at 10PM in the night.There is an entry fee of Rs 10 to visit the fair.

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