Saurath Sabha will be held from June 4–June 12


Saurath Sabha is a 400 year old match fixing system .

Saurath Sabha – the famous marriage fair system among Mathil Brahmins will be started from June 4 , 2015The unique ancient marriage fair system where the marriages are arranged after holding negotiations in the midst of mango groves will continue till June 12.According to Panjikar Vishwamohan Mishra , there are five auspicious days for marriages within this span of 9 days, the three most important ones are June 4 , June 11 and June 12.Even with the advancement in technology and new means of searching the knots , there is still an interest of the people in this age old matrimonial negotiation system quips Mr Mishra.

However ,the number of the people taking part in the sabha  is declining since the last decade.Panjikar Sekhar Chandra Mishra said that this historical place has been ignored by the tourist department and administration.It is said that, At one point of time this historical venue was full of people looking for a suitable bride.

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