Scorching heat pushes bear sales in Darbhanga


Record Beer Sales in Darbhanga

It seems that some people in the city have got the solution to beat the heat.The sudden surge in the popularity of beer in the city is proving beneficial for the excise department.An estimated beer of worth 6,57,110 LP litre has been consumed since May 2015 which is double the expected sale which was targeted to be 3,71,922 LP litre.

The record sale in the beer consumption is followed by the decline in other liquor beverages like the whisky and rum.The targeted sale of whisky was 3,71,922 LP litre which could not be achieved by the department and it could only manage to sell 3,50,971 LP litre .There is a sharp increase noted in the sale of beer in the month of June as well says , the department.

The record sale of liquors in a city like Darbhanga definitely points to the the change in the population’s socio-cultural behavior.The consumption of liquor in marriages and social functions in mithila has been on a rise since couple of years.

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