Flight From Darbhanga To Start From Today

The Air service will start from Darbhanga today


Flight From Darbhanga To Start From Today

Door to door services (DTDS) travel and tour plaza will start air service from Darbhanga first time today.The dream of the people of Darbhanga will come true after its first flight service will start in association with the Sprit Airways from Darbhanga to Delhi. The flight will reach Darbhanga airport from Delhi via Kolkata at 10.30 am.The aeroplane will fly for Delhi at 1.30pm.As already been reported , in addition to the people of Darbhanga district , ten other districts will also take advantage of this facility of the runway at Darbhanga.Flight service will available for passengers to Patna , Delhi ,Kolkata ,  Mumbai , Benglore , Haiderabad and Ahmadabad from Darbhanga

Latest News July 2016 : flight Service has been discontinued.Read -> News

Company had  announced for start this service from  8th June 2015 but due to some technical reasons , the first flight schedule had changed. Two passenger travelled by air services because their ticket was booked for travelling on 8th June 2015.Rest passenger were for flight on15th June 2015 .This facility is available to people of Darbhanga , Samastipur , Betia ,Motihari , Muzaffarpur , Sitamarhi and Mdhubani towns..Airplane service will available on every Monday only.As we had reported it would be small aircraft with a carrying capacity of nine passengers in one go.

Spirit airline , based in Bangalore, is a charter airline service in India with its operation mainly in cities like Bangalore and Kolkata.It has currently entered into Bihar for providing airline services with its fleet of 9 seater small passenger aircraft  Cessna Sky Hawk.The airline has a tie-up with Door to door services (DTDS) travel and tour services for online passenger booking and other assistance services.

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