Finally , Darbhanga-Kolkata-Delhi weekly flight service begins


The first passengers from Darbhanga airport

Monday was a historical day for Darbhanga when the 9 seated aircraft of the Sprit Air took of for Kolkata from the air force airport.The flight is operational via Kolkata route.Resident of Ajamnagar , Mr.Jitendra and his wife Mrs. Pratibha with a one year old son Anand  became the first passengers to travel from Darbhanga.They were brought to the airport at 12.50 o’clock in the noon.Senior executive of Sprit Air , Colonel Prasad along with other three officers of DTDS also travelled by that airplane.

Latest News July 2016 : flight Service has been discontinued.Read -> News

First of all these three passengers were brought to airport by door to door service travel and tour planer (DTDS) at 12.50 pm.The passengers were to go to Durgapur so they were provided with a cab to Durgapur by DTDS after the plane landed at the Kolkata airport. Mr. Kumar said that he paid a fare of rupees ten thousand per head for this facility. Colonel Prasad said that in addition to Kolkata , flight facility will be also given to passengers who wish to go Patna.

The director of DTDS has said that if any person requires an urgent air-service he can place demand through the company’s website.The company will make arrangements to pick him up from the location and drop him to the Patna airport where company already has a regular service.


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