Modern life style causes brain stroke says top neurosurgeon from Medanta


Dr AN Jha , top neurosurgeon in India, was in Darbhanga for a conference

The famous neuro surgeon of Medanta  hospital of  Gurgaon , Dr. AN Jha ,said that brain disease is taking as a serious  form and growing fast in the world.Speaking in a medical conference at Darbhanga he said that modern lifestyle is triggering brain strokes , tumors, brain hemorrhage and paralysis in recent years.

Dr Jha who is a pioneer in getting Intra-Operative MRI technology for brain tumor surgeries in India was speaking as a the main speaker in CME which was organized by  Medanta hospital  in association with Indian Medical Associationat  at the Rama residency auditorium of Laheria Sarai. .The doc also advised the people to have a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Another speaker ,Dr. Shushil Kumar Jha , the secretary of IMA said that the new technologies have been  developed  for the treatment of the brain disease in the last some years.The president of IMA said that there has been efforts by IMA to make the latest information available to the people regarding developments in modern treatment methods.

It was also announced that Medanta will also open its branch at Patna so that people of Bihar do not have to make round-trip to Delhi or Mumbai for a better treatment of serious diseases.Patliputra Medanta, as it will be called , will be equipped modern technologies for treatment

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