Darbhanga retailers selling bread packets without expiry and manufacturing dates


Popular bread brands in Darbhanga misses expiry/manufacturing details

When an 11 year old girl  of  Darbhanga went home to open a packet of bread , she found the it infected with fungus.She went back to the shopkeeper to return the item but he refused to take the product back.The young girl had no clue how old the product was as the bread has no information about its manufacturing or expiry date.

It has been recently noticed by some consumers as well as shopkeepers in Darbhanga that popular bread brands in the city – Popular , Modern Bread, Vaishali Breads and other brands – have a missing. expiry details and manufacturing details.Even the shopkeepers say that product sometimes has essential details but mostly it is missing. and that they will be careful  to check the dates before buying the products.The District Magistrate of Darbhanga , Ravi Kumar , has said that the food inspectors have ordered to inspect the quality of the breads and even check the manufacturing units if they are abiding the norms or not.

In the absence of details ,a buyer cannot find how old the item is and since it is a perishable food item it is serious. Even an improper preservation may make a product such as bread  ‘non-consumable’ even before expiry.Customers must stay away from buying bread without the expiry/manufacturing details.

As per the Indian Food Law (FSS) ,The date, month and year in capital letters up to which the product is best for consumption has to mentioned on the label..

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