Crafts of Mithila : Sikki Work


Mithila Sikki Work

Sikki the mithila form of craft is a magnificant journey through the craft world of Bihar.
The manner in which the wild Sikki Grass, a virtual riverside weed, has become a source of creativity for the Sikki womenfolk is really applausable.

Women folks from the villages of mithila , on their journey home after fetching water from the pond or while returning from a day’s work in the paddy fields, they cut bundles of the course reed and leave it out in the sunlight till it dries and turns supple. Then the golden strands are lashed together into lengths of rope.

Their tensility is strengthened with a ring of the same grass tied vertically in a close formation. This stretch is then coiled into shapes, ranging from a simple round box with a lid to stylized ones stimulating an elephant, a bird, a snake or a tortoise. The boxes vary in shape and size. Again, not quite satisfied with just a coil of unrelieved silky gold, as is the natural texture of the grass, the women embellish it with dyed strands, woven into patterns of geometrical intricacy, which add elegance to the simple craft.

This craft needs alot of patience and creativity.Hats of to the great craftsmen !

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