Chit fund company fled from Madhubani with Rs 10 crores of investor’s money


The Chit and fund comped duped investers of 10 crore money

A chit and fund company of Madhubani named – Vishal Group of Companies has fled away taking Rs 10 Crores from the people of Madhubani .It was then revealed when the case went  to a local court .The local assistant manager of the company , Shiv Shankar Mandal, filed a case in the court of CJM.The chief managing director Ratan Chaudhary and five other persons  have been alleged as the culprits.

It is said that these five persons have accumulated the money from the employees ,agents and the customers of the company . The court has ordered the city police station for investigation.The office of the chit and fund company is closed since the last month .This has created a resentment among the investors .The SP of Madhubani, Rajesh Kumar , said that that such complaints against the chit fund companies are very serious .As court has entrusted the case to the city police station an action will be taken after the enquiry.

According to the petition filed by ,Shiv Shankar Mandal , the Vishal group of companies appointed people in Vishal Hearty Culture and Animal Project Ltd , Ganeshvani Construction pvt Ltd , Vishal Stock Broking India pvt Ltd , Vishal in pvt . Ltd , UK in fin Service India Ltd , Siyaram Project pvt Ltd . 319 people were appointed in this company  and it had colleceted  Rs10 crore rupees from its investors.

The CMD Ratan Chaudahary , Seema Chaudhary , Suchit Acharya of Nadia district and Kunal Bhattacharya of Hugli district of West Bengal has been made the accused by the petitioner.It is said that the company was working in the district since 2010 and it opened its office in 2011 . Under its different schemes the company was promising its investors about returning double and triple of the investments.When it was a time for returning the money to the investors , the company fled away with all the money.

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