Fake Vishwavidyalaya Panchang being sold in Patna and Madhubani


Panchang by KSDSU

The fake copies of Viswavidyalaya Panchang of Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University  is being sold in in Patna and Madhubani.Bala Ji offset Press , the authorized publisher of Viswavidyalaya Panchang  has complaint about fake copies of Vishwavidyalay Panchang . The publisher has claimed that the fake copies of panchang is rampantly being sold at many places including Madhubani. .Mr Dhanuka , the owner of the publishing house has been publishing the Panchang since last two years and is now preparing to file a petition to the SP for taking appropriate.Ironically ! , The releasing of the Panchang it is surprising to see the fake copies in the market when the Panchang has been released just two days ago.

There is clear difference between the both copies .

Original vs Fake Differences

1)The logo of University is on the the hologram sticker on the main page of the original copy  and the color of the hologram is blue while in the fake copy  it has been written original at the place of University logo and its color is also green.

2)The original copy bears a correct telephone number of the publisher printed at the bottom on the main page ,also the given PinCode of Darbhanga is correct while in the fake copy both these details are incorrect

3)The print is not clear from Page 5 to Page 10 in fake copy also the font size different unlike the original copy of Viswavidyalaya Panchang

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