Finalized voter list of Darbhanga was published


Finalized voter list of Darbhanga was published

The final publication of voter list of Darbhanga district was done under short revision program – 2015 . Now , the total number of voters in Darbhanga are 25 lakhs 58 thousands 668 .The numbers of male voters are 13 lakhs 62 thousands and 222 . The numbers of female voters are 11 lakhs 96 thousands 405. The total number of third genders are 41 .

The sex ratio is 878 at the present .This ratio was 878 in the past .The application was received of  31 thousand 855 male voters for claims in Form 6 out of which the names of 26 thousands 898 male voters have been found correct after the investigation .Similarly , the total application of 33 thousands 611 female voters was received of which the names of 30 thousands 697 female voters were added after the investigation .

The total application of 8365 male voters was received for claims in the Form 7 .In which , 6950 voters was found correct in the investigation . 7054 females voters applied for claims in Form 7 . In which , 5828 claims were found correct .The names of 2331 male voters and 1887 female voters were deleted due to other causes .The names of 16 thousands 996 voters were deleted due to different causes . In which , the number of male voters were 9 thousands 281 and female voters were 7 thousands 715 . 

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