There is 3 times increased risk of diabetes for the TB patients –


Link between TB and Diebetes

There is a 3 times increased threat of diabetes for the TB patients .So , the TB patients must check up for diabetes at regular intervals .These things were said by the Technical Officer of the Union Against Tuberculosis and Lungs Disease , Sati Satpathi, in the training program which was conducted on the topics of the  correlation of TB-Diabetes in the GNM School of Nursing in the DMC. Sati Satpathi had come from New Delhi for this conference.

Mr Satpathi said that the relation of diabetes and TB is an alarm of serious diseases. He said that it has known in the recently study that the threat of TB increases three times in the patients of diabetes because the buffering capacity of the body of the patient of diabetes , falls short . He concerned that the numbers of the patient of diabetes is increasing steadily in India .

According to world health organization , there will be 8 crores of the patient of diabetes in the country by 2030 .Another speaker at the conference explained the link of diabetes and TB advised the nursing students to fight together against this disease.Adding to his words he said that TB is a infectious disease which effects  the lungs and the disease spreada out from one person to the other person through air.

The successful participants were awarded in the competition . On this occasions the principal of the nursing school ,Kiran Kumari , was also present . 

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