Viswakarma Puja falls on 18th Sept in Mithila while rest India will celebrate on 17th Sep


ViswaKarma Puja 2015 Date falls on September 18 in Mithila

As we know Vishwa Karma Puja is celebrated every year on September 17th but the Puja this year , will be celebrated on a different date ie September 18th in Mithila .The Puja however , will continued to be celebrated traditionally on September 17th in the other parts of the country .The difference in Vishwa Karma Puja dates is due to the difference in the way of calculation of Mithila and Banarsi calendar (panchangs) .It is known that Makar Sankranti and Vishwa Karma Puja are celebrated on a fixed date of every year.While Vishwa Karma Puja is celebrated on September 17th and Makar SanKranti is celebrated on January 14th every year.But now these festival dates are also changing in context of Mithila Panchang .The chief editor of Vishwa Vidyalaya Panchang which is published from KSDSU , Dr. Ramchandra Jha says that Vishwakarma Puja  is falling on September 18th in 2015 in Mithila.After this year again it will fall on September 17th next year and again it will fall on September 18 in  the year 2019.

As per Makranda method used in the creation of Mithila panchang calender , After 2019 Viswa Karma Puja will fall on every September 18th till 72 years.Mr Jha added that this is going to affect Makar Sankranti Dates as well.Banarasi Calender uses Chitra Pakshiya calculation method according to which Virgo Sankranti falls in the noon at 12.15 PM on September 17th , a reason why VishwaKarma Puja Date is 17 according to Banarasi Panchang.


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