New BSRTC buses speculated to operate on Darbhanga routes from January 17


Having received 26 BSRTC Buses out of 31 from Bihar State Transport the operation of these buses is speculated to be started from January 15 on the new routes of the division.However we are still to get an official confirmation from the department.The divisional manager , S N Jha , on being contacted said that ‘Darbhanga Transport Corporation is ready with all the arrangements and the service will be started as soon as the order is received from the government’.

The state transport commissioner ,Sujata Chaturvedi , ordered all the Regional Transport Authority to release the transport permit of these buses within a week . After being asked about the routes of proposed bus service operation , the divisional manager , Mr. Jha said the names of the new route will be disclosed after a nod from the state administration.

However , according our news sources , the proposed bus routes may be the following ones –

  1. Darbhanga-Uchaith-Pupri-Benipatti
  2. Kevati-Darbhanga ring service (Darbhanga-Kevati-Rahika-Benipatti-Uchaith-Pupri-Ahilya sthan-Darbhanga)
  3. Darbhanga-Rahika-Saurath-Madhubani
  4. Darbhanga-Sakri-Pandaul-Madhubani
  5. Darbhanga-Shankarrohar-Bahera
  6. Baheri-Sonki-Darbhanga (Ring Service)
  7. Darbhanga-Benipur via Shankar Rohar-Supaul
  8. Darbhanga-Madhepur
  9. Darbhanga-Benipur-Supaul
  10. Darbhanga-Ashapur-Alinagar
  11. Darbhanga-Mahthaur via Dharaura
  12. Darbhanga-Singhia via Baheri
  13. Darbhanga-Madhubani-Laikaha
  14. Darbhanga-Bisfi
  15. Darbhanga-Raiyam via Kevati
  16. Darbhanga-Pusa Agriculture University
  17. Darbhanga-Samastipur
  18. Darbhanga-Jalley
  19. Darbhanga-Sitamadhi-Bairginia
  20. Darbhanga-Rahika-kaluwahi-Basopatti-Jatahi
  21. Darbhanga-Ghoghardiha
  22. Darbhanga-Madhubani-Andhratharhi .

The  department has completed the application and interview process for 40-47 drivers , conductors , cleaner , cashier and assistant cashier for the operation of new buses on these routes .

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