Darbhanga Junction will serve RO purified cold water for RS 1 !


Darbhanga Junction to be installed with 12 RO purifiers

The passengers will soon be able to buy cold water of RO at an affordable price at all the platforms of Darbhanga Junction.For this purpose 12 Aqua guard RO purifiers have been installed on all platforms.At these counters one can buy 300 ml cold water at RS 1 .The construction of these counters for serving purified cold water has been started by Eureka Forbs Company.The construction process of one of the counter is in the final stage .

After a  report of the water sample test from the Aqua guard and IRCTC labs , the purified water , will be made available to the passengers on all the platforms of Darbhanga junction .

The projector director of the company , Kartik Mahacharya said that the passengers can buy 300ml water at Rs 1 , 500 ml water at Rs 3 , 1liter water at Rs 5 , 2 liter water at Rs 8 and 5 liter pure cool water of RO can buy at Rs 20 .If the passengers want to purchase the water in the bottle of the companies they will need to pay from RS 2 to RS 5 according to the weight of the bottle .Meanwhile ,the passengers have expressed happiness over this new development and asked for this arrangement to be made available outside the campus of the platform as well.

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