Central Pollution Control Board finds Muzaffarpur the highest polluted city in India



While its a common perception that air pollution is a phenomena of the the industrial centers or the metropolitans cities in India .But Central Pollution control Board ( CPCB )stats marks the most polluted city of the country as Muzaffarpur in Bihar . Lucknow stands on the second position .Strangely , both these cities are neither big center of industry nor a hub of factories . New Delhi , the capital of India  is the third most polluted city by the data. Altogether ,6 cities from the 10 most polluted cities list are from industrially weak  UP and Bihar where air was not found to be clean .

On the other side , the level of pollution is relatively low in Mumbai , Bangalore  and Chennai which are centers of economic and industrial activities.Panchkula of Haryana was found to have least air pollution. According to CPCB  the average air quality value of Panchkula is 82 and its air pollution level is satisfactory .

AS per CPCB survey data ,the air of pink city Jaipur comes in the category of worse .The Central Pollution Control Board has produced the figure of level of air pollution in the cities on basis of six categories  as ‘good’, ‘satisfactory’, ‘medium’, ‘worse’, ‘very bad ’ and ‘highest worse’ .

The highest polluted city Muzaffarpur comes in the category of very bad , and the main sources of the air pollution is PM 2.5 which is a microscopic matter. When PM’s quantity in the air increases it affects the health .Same is the biggest reason for the air pollution in Lucknow, Delhi , Agra , and Faridabad as well.

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