Time Table of Government Operated Buses from Darbhanga


Darbhanga Government Buses Time Table

This year, Bihar State Transport started the operation of new buses on the given routes of the division.

The state buses have been decided for the operation (round-trip) on the routes of Darbhanga – Jalley , Bheja , Laukaha , Kusheshwarshan , Samastipur , Harlakhi , Andhrathadhi , Rasiyari and Ghoghardiha .We are giving you the new time table and routes of these buses.

SNO Route Time Operator
1 Darbhanga –Benipur- Kusheshwarsthan 04.30AM WUDCO
2 Darbhanga-Benipur –Kusheshwarsthan 05.00AM WUDCO
3 Darbhanga-Benipur-Kusheshwarsthan 08.00AM WUDCO
4 Darbhanga-Benipur-K usheshwarsthan 02.00PM WUDCO
5 Darbhanga-Benipur-Kusheshwarsthan 03.00PM WUDCO
6 Darbhanga-Benipur-Kusheshwarsthan 05.00PM WUDCO
7 Darbhanga-Laheria Sarai-Kusheshwrsthan 06.00AM WUDCO
8 Drbhanga-Laheria Sarai-Baheri-Singhia-kusheshwarsthan 02.00PM WUDCO
9 Darbhanga-Alinagar-Rasiyari 05.30AM WUDCO
10 Darbhanga-Madhubani-Laukaha 06.15AM WUDCO
11 Darbhanga –Madhubani-Laukaha 08.00AM WUDCO
12 Darbhanga-Madhubani-Laukaha 02.00PM WUDCO
13 Darbhanga-Benipatti-Harlakhi 05.00AM WUDCO
14 Darbhanga-Benipatti-Harlahki 05.00PM WUDCO
15 Darbhanga-Jhanjharpur-Bheja 06.15AM WUDCO
16 Darbhanga-Jalley 05.00AM WUDCO
17 Darbhanga-Jalley 06.00AM WUDCO
18 Darbhanga-Jalley 07.00AM WUDCO
19 Darbhanga-Samastipur 05.15AM WUDCO
20 Darbhanga-Samastipur O6.30AM WUDCO
20 Darbhanga-Samastipur 08.00AM WUDCO
21 Laheria Sarai-Darbhanga-Patna 05.00AM BSTC
22 Darbhanga-Patna 12.30PM BSTC
23 Darbhanga-Supaul-Saharsa 06.00AM BSTC
24 Drbhanga-Supaul- Saharsa 01.00PM BSTC
25 Darbhanga – Bhimnagar-Birpur 07.30AM BSTC
26 Darbhanga-Begusarai –Bhagalpur 08.15AM BSTC

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