Saurath Sabha will be held from July 8-14 , 2016


Saurath Sabha from July 8-14 , 2016

The famous Saurath sabha of Mithilanchal will be organized from July 8 to 14 in Saurath village of Madhubani district .Also called ‘Sabha Gachhi ‘, Saurath sabha is typically popular for organizing an assembly where people can select suitable groom for their daughters.Interestingly , both sides , including the bride’s kin and the groom reach here in full preparation.The grooms are ready in their typical traditional dress of maithil wedding and sit with their elderly relatives at his place.The people from the girl’s side look for a suitable groom and long discussions are held.When a bride’s side is satisfied with the match the groom moves towards the girl’s house for marriage along with the bride’s relatives.

Another interesting feature of this event are the ‘ghataks’ or the mediators of marriage.These people play a great role in discussions and match finalization.The ‘Ghataks’ ,as a social service , normally don’t charge anything , however , with the changing times some do.

It is said that in its , heydays, the mango leaves of the ‘Sabha’ wilted under the heavy rush of people which often crossed one lakh.Now a days ,due to disinterest of the organizations fighting for the rights of Mithila as well as the administration , much of land here has been  a victim of encroachment .

About Saurat Village

Saurat Village of Madhubani in Bihar State of India was a center of culturel,historical and intellectual activities in 16th century.This tradition was started in 1620 by the king of Mithila named Hari Singh Dev.Since then , the sabha or the assembly is organized and promoted every year to promote dowry free marriage.

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