Train services affected due to floods on Barauni–Katihar track


Flood water level is decreasing  in the Ganges but the rate of decrease is quite slow .On the another side , there is no improvement in the situation of Naugachhia and Katihar .The Railway track collapsed near Navgachhia track on Sunday .As a result , the train operations have been halted on Katihar Barauni Rail track .The route of 17 trains have also been changed .The water is flowing above 55 cm danger level in Ganga.

Due to a collapse of the rail track at Madan Ahilya College near Navgachhia station , the train services were stopped on this railway track .Maha Nanda express train was returned from Navgachhia station .Another passenger train coming on an  up track was also made to return from Katoria station .

The Rail officials have indicated that the train operations will started soon on the down rail track  the up rail track services will start only after repairing the track .

The route of 17 trains including Rajdhani Express Changed

  1. 15484 Mahananda express via Mansi , Saharsa .
  2. 15635 Dwarika express via via Shaktigarh , Munger bridge .
  3. 15708 Aprapali express via Mansi , Saharsa .
  4. 15645 Mumbai LTT-Guwahati express via Shaktinagr , Munger bridge .
  5. 12488 Simaanchal express via Mansi , saharsa .
  6. 19601 Jalpaiguri express via Barauni , Keul .
  7. 12506 North east express via Jhajha , Asansole .
  8. 12424Dibrugarh-Rajdhani express via Jhajha , Asansole .
  9. 12436 Dibrugarh Rajdhani express via via Mansi , Saharsa .
  10. 22412 New Delhi AC super fast express will go via Barauni , Jhajha and Asansole .
  11. 15646 Guwahati Mumbai express will go via Asansole Jhajha .
  12. 15483 Mahananda express via Asansole , Jhajha .
  13. 13245 Capital express via Asansole , Jhajha .

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