Tech Reasons got 15,413 Degree Part 1 applications rejected in LN Mithila University


15,413 Degree Part 1 applications rejected in LN Mithila University

The online application seems to have become a headache for the students aspiring to seek admission in Lalit Narayan Mithila University of Darbhanga.The online application of 15,413 students  in Degree part 1 admission in 70 colleges under LNMU was rejected owing to the technical reasons .

The rejection of such a large number of applications in Part 1 has not only left the students disappointed but also the guardians who are clueless about the status of admission.

The university itself was found to be in dilemma and no clear answer was given by the university about this issue.Let us remind you that LNMU has taken an application fee of Rs 400 from each student and students were also had to pay processing fee in addition to the application fee.The university in this way received a sum of Rs 61 lakhs , Rs 65 thousand and Rs 200 on rejected application.

According to the information  , the University administration ,  received total 1 lakh 23 thousands 607 application of the students for admission in degree part one out of which 15,413 application were rejected this amounts to 1 lakh 8 thousands 194 valid applications.Also let you know that 12 thousands and 487 students application status has been put in pending status.

The first merit list of 95 thousand 707 students  was released .Even the students who found their name in the 1st merit list of the students  were also found shuttling from college to university for removing the technical glitches.

LNMU is the first university of Bihar where online admission was started  this year. But the online process of admission in Degree part 1 is haunting the students .

The online system was launched to make the system of application easier for students in LNMU goes not seems to have gone down well.The irony of the part is that most of the students of the university have a rural background and problems like electricity and fast internet connectivity is a known issue in these areas.The penetration of computers in these remote villages is still in very less numbers.The students in such cases flocked to nearby cyber cafes whose “little knowledgeable” operators filled these ‘online application forms’ on their behalf.Also many could not understand the correct process of filling and online form application.

The university also did not make any policy of ‘roll-back payment system’ in case the admissions were not done.Under these circumstances it is no wonder that applications posted in online mode were flawed.However the large number of rejected application i.e. 15,413 online applications has reflected the un preparedness on the university’s part.

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