A rare Lunar Eclipse occurring on January 31 after 176 years in India


In the total lunar eclipse the moon will be more bigger , brighter and red in colour

A rare total lunar eclipse in India will occur on January 31.This will be the first Lunar eclipse of 2018.The eclipse will last in India for 77 minutes.

According to Astrologers the time of Sutak will be from 7 AM to 8 PM.

‘Avoid doing some work during the time of the Sutak and the lunar eclipse’, an astrologer from Darbhanga said.

The lunar eclipse is expected to last in India for about an hour from 6.21 pm on January 31 2018. It would be visible till 7.37 pm Indian Standard Time.According to the Indian standard its touch at 05.18 PM , middle at 07.00 PM and salvation at 08.42PM in the night.

After 176 years the special circumstances of Pushya Nakshatra is occurring on this lunar eclipse.The touch of this eclipse will be in the Pushya constellation.

What exactly is Total Lunar Eclipse

A total lunar eclipse is when earth comes exactly between the sun and the moon and the earth’s shadow falls on the moon.During this period the sun’s rays get refracted through the earth’s atmosphere and strike the moon, which thereby takes on a low brown red glow. Therefore, it alternatively also referred to as blood moon.It is at this time that the moon gets about 10 per cent or more bigger and brighter popularly called – super moon.

Those residing in Siberia, Australia, New Zealand and northwestern US and Canada will be lucky to observe the entire event. Major sections of Africa, South America and Europe will not be able to enjoy the event.

Can be seen with naked eyes

Unlike a solar eclipse , a lunar eclipse  is perfectly safe to watch with the naked eye.


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