ATM fraudsters dupes 84K from customer by swapping cards


ATM Fraud Darbhanga

Despite the vigilance claims by the police the ATM fraudsters activities are unchecked in the city .

On Sunday, 3-4 miscreants at a Vijaya Bank’s ATM located at Subhash Chowk duped a customer of Rs 84,000 by exchanging his ATM card with a fake one.

As per the incident, the customer had come to withdraw his an amount of Rs 10,000 from the ATM. The fraudsters managed to sneak into his ATM PIN number and smartly changed the customer’s card with a fake one.Soon after, they withdrew Rs 84000 from his account .

As soon as the message of amount withdrawal was sent to the customer, he rushed to lodge an FIR against the unknown fraudsters in the Town police station.

On Monday , he met with SSP and he asked for help and the SSP assured him of action.

In the application given to SSP , Kavita Jain, the wife of  Sanjeev Jain resident of Gullobada under the town police station, said that her son, Lucky Jain, had reached ATM of Vijaya Bank located at Subhash Chowk at 10:30 AM in the morning to withdraw money.As soon as he withdrew ten thousand rupees from ATM ,  in the meantime, the ATM cheaters who presented in ATM watched his PIN number.

After this ,they tricked her son and cleverly changed his card. Soon after , they made online shopping of seven thousand rupees. After regular intervals, the fraudsters transferred 15 hundred, 20 thousand and 40 thousand rupees to another account from his account

Not to forget,  ATM fraudster are robbing people quite often with their hard earned money.

Three days earlier, these criminals funnelled 7,000 rupees from the account of a doctor of DMCH.Upon realizing this, the doctor asked to lockup his account from the DMCH branch of SBI. Due to the locked up of his account, he managed to safeguard his amount.

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